Property Management

Avon Corporation has performed site specialty work and structural repairs for Condominiums/Apartment complexes and Office buildings since 1979. Our past clients include property management firms, condominium associations, Architects, engineers and owners for apartment and office buildings. Our services range from structural repairs for differential settlement, foundation and retaining wall repairs, temporary shoring and bracing, earth excavation support, storm water, waterproofing, masonry and structural floor repairs. We have completed projects that include plaza restoration, comprehensive storm water improvements, large scale retaining wall repairs of replacements, underpinning or wall strengthening throughout the Metropolitan Washington/Baltimore region. We work with the leading engineering firms in the area providing competitive pricing for the bid packages.

We also offer engineering for those especially tough repair projects. We have bonding capacity for single jobs over $ 8 million and competitive insurance programs for specific job requirements.

Working together with the management and owner of building we complete our projects on time and within the desired budget of our clients.